Creating a Professional Real Estate Facebook Page

Social media is a valuable tool in today’s technology fueled society.  By networking on the internet, brokers are able to meet many prospective clients and be a resource for people looking to buy and sell homes.  Promoting one’s personal life on the internet may seem easy; however, many brokers continue to struggle when executing a business professional profile.

Follow these simple tips and you will have a social media following in no time:


  • Market yourself as a broker. Use a nice head shot of yourself as the profile picture and be consistent with the one on your business card.  While you may be updating your personal Facebook photo all the time, it is best to keep your brand consistent on your business page.
  • Use a professional cover photo, but make it unique. Try to coordinate your cover photo with your profile picture. Using a slogan, local photo of homes/the community, or your logo are just a few ideas.  Having quality high resolution images is also important in order to promote yourself as a professional online.

Content consists of high quality images, videos and articles related to real estate, your local market and housing advice as well as your professional achievements and community involvement.


  • Stay up to date with housing and real estate news through local media outlets. Is there a new building being built that includes some sort of energy efficient technology? Has a statistic been release about your current town’s market? Post this on your Facebook page!
  • There is usually a Facebook icon on most creditable websites, so when you click the icon you can share your opinion on it. Keep opinions non-biased and use appropriate language with proper spelling and grammar.
  • Use more images and videos. They get more views.
  • Post during peak hours. Business pages have statistics pages, so you can view optimal times to post. Take advantage of these hours to post your best content.
  • Post 3-4 times a day


Understanding your audience and what kind of content they enjoy reading is also important, so make sure to interact with your friends and followers online.

  • Comment on business related articles, events, and listings
  • Like and share community pages, competitor pages, and community causes
  • Invite everyone you know to like your business page
  • Share your business page with your Facebook friends especially when you post new articles, photos, etc.

Attached are downloadable Facebook PDFs to help you set up your professional Facebook page

Checklist for creating a Facebook Page

Tips on creating your Facebook Page









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