Brian Schartz is a Real Estate owned listing agent. Brian has been a Realtor for over 20 years now. In addition to having a membership in the Eugene Association of Realtors, he is also a member of the US Chess Federation, American Mensa and the National Marrow Donor Program.


Our Broker Spotlight is on Brian Schartz!

As a local licensed chess coach, Brian gives back to the community by providing chess classes to about 50 students in the Lane County area. He has three groups of first, second, and third graders who he teaches on a weekly basis.

Brian claims he has only been “beaten by three of them.”

Pictured above are some of Brian’s students competing

Chess has been known to have a variety of benefits for children’s mental health. According to, the game helps improve learning, thinking, analytical power as well as decision making ability.  Furthermore, chess provides children the opportunity to plan in advance, and use discipline.

Thank you Brian, for helping our youth thrive from a young age!

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