Ask Ann: How Easy is it to have an AirBnB? 

 Ann Kieran has worked as a licensed Oregon Real Estate Broker since 1998 working with Buyers and Sellers in residential and small investment properties throughout Lane County.  As a resident of the area since 1967, she offers neighborhood insight and market knowledge.  Ann’s honesty, integrity, work ethic and sincere passion for the business help her deliver clients with an unequaled level of service.

AirBnB is a facilitator for those that have rooms or homes to rent on a short-term basis. The concept of “urban vacation rentals” has been popular for several years now.  AirBnbs are most successful when a property is located in a neighborhood close to amenities and the homeowner can make more money renting short-term rather than on a month-to-month basis.  AirBnB has caused larger cities, such as Portland, to re-examine zoning laws and crack down on lodging, or transient room tax collection. The biggest issues city regulators are finding in short-term rentals are host-absent rentals, compliance with neighborhood zoning, and equality of business taxes.  If you’re considering a short-term rental, check with the City Planning Department to make sure you’re doing everything right. I’m also available to help with your property choice!

Ann Kieran, Real Estate Broker

Licensed in the State of Oregon


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