Food Cart Fridays w/ Equinox!

We love a good, local meal and enjoy to supportting the beautiful community of Lane County that we live in which is why we were inspired to start a new “thing” to celebrate local food and interact with our community:

Introducing: Food Cart Fridays!! 

For the first installment, our office manager/broker Julie Jones & office assistant/broker Pamela Simons set out to their favorite lunch cart – Cart de Frisco – located at the corner of 13th & Kincaid (across from U of O Book Store)!

The goal: Frisco Sandwich – goal complete!

Cart de Frisco is currently located at:

University of Oregon (shown here)
13th and Kincaid (across from U of O Book Store )
Hours: Mon-Fri.
(11:00am-4:00pm) only Fall term and Spring term


We hope you have a wonderful weekend and a delicious lunch today!

Let us know if there’s any amazing food carts we must try and we’ll send our brokers there to test them out!


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